Rise of the Turks

During September 13 thru 23, 2014, my wife Peggy and I traveled to Turkey, a country with a foothold presence in Europe, but with its greatest land mass to the east, in Asia. Turkey resides in the outer zone of the Middle East – and is not immune to its conflicts, as it borders Syria, Iran and Iraq. The country has recovered from the unsuccessful July 2016 coup, but some insurrection still exists in the outlying areas.

Turkey strives to be a modern, civilized country – albeit with some continuing political challenges. Its strategic position on the Bosphorus Straits ensures that it will remain a regional influence for many years to come.

Istanbul is the keystone city of this unique country…must-see sights include the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar & Spice Markets, and sites along the Bosphorus.

Ankara, the capital of Turkey, was to me, a more modern city, with a lot of buzz. A must see is Ataturk’s mausoleum, Anıtkabir.

Between our visits to Istanbul and Ankara, our travels took us “Beyond the Big Cities” –  via the western and southern coasts, and then deep into the interior.

If and when I go back, my first stop will be to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul – for one of those wonderful Döner Kebab sandwiches.

Istanbul – Heartbeat of Turkey


Beyond The Big Cities