This portfolio is a mixture of wildlife images captured in many locations.

You might wonder why I have titled the photo of the seagull on a post “Jarlsberg The Seagull“. Once upon a time, on a trip to Maine’s Pemaquid Peninsula, we were staying in a cottage sitting up on a rocky cliff, with the ocean roaring right below us. It was a wonderful place to sit out with a glass of red wine, some nice crusty bread, and my favorite Jarlsberg swiss cheese on a beautiful Maine day. I sighted a number of birds on a nearby island, and dropped back into the cottage to grab binoculars. As I came back out the door, an opportunistic seagull had dived to the table and hijacked a large slice of my precious cheese. Hence, all seagulls of similar ilk are called Jarlsberg – I know they are all ready to plunder one’s meal if given the chance.